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Appartement ˆ Genthod

  • CHF2'265'000
  • 6 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 193 m²

Villa ˆ Weggis

  • CHF2'300'000
  • 6.5 bd
  • 3 ba
  • 268 m²

Appartement ˆ Rothenburg

  • CHF1'170'000
  • 6.5 bd
  • 3 ba

Appartement ˆ Seewen SZ

  • CHF1'360'000
  • 6.5 bd
  • 3 ba
  • 184 m²

Maison ˆ Pratval

  • CHF1'135'000
  • 6.5 bd
  • 3 ba
  • 160 m²

Appartement ˆ St. Silvester

  • CHF895'000
  • 6.5 bd
  • 3 ba
  • 174 m²

Real estate in Switzerland

Investing in real estate in Switzerland remains one of the safest ways to supplement its income and build a lasting heritage. Discover all our tips and the main elements to analyze before you make the real estate investment.



Why invest in swiss real estate?

If you are looking for the safest and most profitable ways of investment, both to prepare your retirement and to pass on wealth to your loved ones, swiss real estate investment appears to be a perfect solution. The problems related to the economy affect real estate market less than other sectors. The lights for swiss real estate investment are green, so go for it!

Investing in real estate Switzerland is good for…

 chosen the real estate Switzerland and becoming the owner of your home has many advantages. You will not have to pay rent to your landlord every month and you have full control of your assets to ensure your solid retirement. Real estate investing is a safe bet!

In Switzerland, building up a real estate heritage in order to pass it on to loved ones is becoming an increasingly popular solution. The solution of swiss real estate investment, described as progressive savings and which presents less risk than certain investments, seems to make more and more followers every year.



Buy real estate in Switzerland

To buy real estate in Switzerland – is part of one of the most interesting investments in order to build a lasting heritage. It is less subject to economic downturn than most financial products. In addition, its return on investment is also more interesting than that of conventional savings products.

By choosing rental real estate in Switzerland as retirement investment you benefit from tax cuts, you supplement your income on a regular basis by collecting rents, you finance your investment mainly thanks to the rents as well as with the tax reductions to transmit a heritage to your loved ones.


Practical case of swiss real estate investment

Swiss real estate investment can earn you CHF 80,000 over 10 years with only CHF 159 monthly fees.

Example: Sarah and Olivier (married, 2 children). They saved every month CHF 150 without much result. For CHF 159 per month and without contribution they bought a new 3-room apartment in Sion with a value of CHF 219,000. In 10 years, they will save more than CHF 39 000 of taxes. After 10 years of financing, they will be at the head of a wealth of more than CHF 234,000. Today, they can either sell and make a profit of more than CHF 80 000 or rent CHF 7822 per year.

In summary, tax reduction of up to CHF 63 000 over 12 years, the possible rental to an ascendant or a descendant, the constitution of a patrimony, additional income to prepare for retirement.

Steps to succeed with your swiss real estate investment

Calculate the return on investment of the property you wish to acquire. Try to determine an area where swiss real estate sale market is growing and thus allows to realize an added value.

Establish your strategy before buying a property. Ask yourself what you want to do? For your investment, your choice must be thoughtful and must maximize your return on investment.

Do some research. Find out about the area where you want to buy. Before engaging your financial security, for  the moment take the time to study and determine which investment could best meet your expectations.

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